Delivering Print Media & Outdoor Advertising Solutions
Delivering Print Media & Outdoor Advertising Solutions

Technical Information

Paper Sizes



                  Width     Height

          A0         841       1189

          A1         594         841

          A2         420        594

          A3         297        420

          A4         210        297

          A5         148         210

          A6         105         148

          A7            74        105

          A8            52          74

Paper Types


Coated Paper
Paper (or board) coated on one or both sides with a mixture of china clay, latex and other loadings to fill up surface pits and improve the printing surface.
Silk Finish (Satin) - A smooth, delicately embossed finished paper with sheen.
Matt Finish - A dull, clay-coated paper without gloss or luster.
Gloss - A glossy coated finish, which allows ink to dry quickly.


Uncoated Paper
Paper that has not had a final coating applied for smoothness. Uncoated paper is absorbent, hence the printed appearance is flatter than on coated stocks.


Litho vs Digital Printing

Litho printing became the main print production process during the 1960s and 1970s. It is ideal for medium to long run lengths and the most commonly used presses are SRA3, B2 and B1. A job can be ‘imposed’ (positioned) multiple times up on the relevant sheet size, and requires a set of press plates (CMYK) for each side of the sheet. Due to the associated set up costs, litho printing is not competitive on very short run jobs.


Digital printing is ideal for short run print jobs, or jobs which are personalised (variable text and/or images). Traditionally digital presses are limited to SRA3 size, however some presses are now increasing the size format possible, including our iGen 150 XXL which can handle a sheet size of 364mm x 660mm.

A Guide for Preparing files for print

The link below will provide assistance when preparing files for print. It can be a confusing process, however Quotro are here to help.